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What is the price of a sticker? How is the sticker posted? What is the basis for the sticker offer? How much is the label sticker? Such problems as this site self-solve, if you need detailed self-service online quotation, please enter the corresponding size in centimeters or inches or millimeters in the box below the quotation page of this site, the number of printing colors, the number of production, choose the printing method. As well as judging the post-process of the peritoneum, bronzing, die-cutting, etc., of course, the choice of the type and printing method of the sticker is very important, the different paper-printing fees, die-cutting, and starting are all different; then the station measures the raw material cost for the material specification. , printing fee, post-processing processing fee, plate rate sharing, material weight, consumables cost, packaging cost, manufacturing loss, production time, processing method, etc. The more accurate you enter and select, the more accurate the price of the sticker will be. And you only need to know the height, width, thickness, several colors, and material specifications of the handbag. Click on the print quotation, the cost will come out immediately, and it will be adjusted at the same time. The layout can be checked, the specifications are checked, and the number of papers is the same. Just enter the corresponding box height, width, side thickness specifications, look at the appearance of several printing colors, peritoneum, bronzing, window opening, corrugated or not, etc.

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